The newest UK surf brand to arrive at TVSC, Atlantic Surf Co, have just announced their collaboration with The Wave Project UK, an incredible charity that transforms the lives of young people through surfing. 

We caught up with Atlantic Surf Co founder Jade Arnold to speak about the work of this amazing charity and how they got involved...


TVSC: Hey Jade, great to meet you. Let's talk a little about your new surf brand ASC. When, how, where and why did the company begin?

Jade Arnold: We started Atlantic Surf Company about a year ago, after years of surfing & travelling we wanted to make clothing that wasn't just the usual imported bland stuff you see everywhere!


Atlantic Surf Company - now available at TVSC 

TVSC: Who is on the management team, and what are their backgrounds?

Jade Arnold: Well it's myself, Jay, my partner Claire and Charlie the dog! We both have backgrounds in watersports, myself with surf retail in Bristol and Claire with diving and free-diving. We're both in, or on the water more often than not!


TVSC: What is the company ethos?


Jade Arnold: I think we started out wanting to just produce good quality clothes that would appeal to the UK Extreme Sports scene, that were design led, rather than just plonking a logo on a t-shirt! Its still early days but were looking to expand the range and make clothes that people can rely on, and that makes them smile and feels good.


Atlantic Surf Company X The Wave Project

TVSC: Could you tell us about in your environmental credentials?


Jade Arnold: Well we make sure that our garments are produced in businesses that sign up to the 'Fairwear Foundation', which makes sure workers rights, pay and workplace is fair and safe. We use water-based inks which don't have any nasty chemicals in them, and our garments are printed by hand on a old school screen press in the West-country, so no air transport!


TVSC: And you've started working with The Wave Project, how did that come about?


Jade Arnold: When we started Atlantic Surf Co we wanted to make sure we gave something back hence our affiliation with 'The Wave Project', which helps kids with learning difficulties and who haven't had the best start in life to try surfing and see how wonderful, empowering (and addictive) it can be. Its an awesome charity, and 10% of all our profits go to them. They have regional centre's and kids are referred by the NHS & GPS's.


The Atlantic Surf Company - UK Surf Brand

TVSC: What do you most enjoy about surfing in the UK? And most dislike?


Jade Arnold: We're blessed in the west country with so many surf breaks that you can get a decent wave with just a few people out, if you know the right spots! I just wish there were more point-breaks and the water was a tad warmer!


TVSC: How do you support UK athletes and the wider surf community?


Jade Arnold: Obviously were still a young company but our ambition is to sponsor a few groms and hopefully support local competitions with prizes etc. We also do as many beach cleans as we can, and the work SAS have been doing recently has been really awe inspiring.


TVSC: What do you see for the future of your company?


Jade Arnold: Hopefully expand the range, keep developing great designs and try and get our brand better known by the UK extreme sports fraternity, with the help of awesome companies like yourselves at TVSC, who help support small UK surf brands, and if we can give something back as we go along then its all good!


TVSC: Sounds good! Where can everybody check out your videos/stuff? 
Jade Arnold: So we're on Instagram: atlsurfco, also Facebook: Atlantic Surf Company, and a little bit of Twitter @atlsurfco

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