DryRobe - Technical Data Review

Paul Vale

Posted on December 10 2016

DryRobe - Technical Data Review

Dryrobe review - Dryrobe discount code


Dryrobe is the all weather change robe, featuring the essential Chunky YKK Zip front, external pockets, large internal storage pocket and MP3 player pocket. Dryrobe is shower proof and wind proof. It is the warmest change robe on the planet! Ideal for changing sports clothing or wetsuits outdoor, Dryrobe has a waterproof & windproof exterior fabric & a lining that dries you & keeps you warm. The design allows plenty of room to pull your arms in through the sleeves & get changed inside it. You can get a wetsuit, swim or tri kit, on or off, easily, while staying warm, dry & fully protected from the elements. Other features include soft lined external pockets, large internal storage pocket & MP3 player pocket. Our Unique chunky YKK Zip front is an essential element providing fast, easy exit & entry. Preserve your energy & core temperature with full-body protection from the elements. Leave it on over your clothing or wetsuit & re-use multiple times throughout the day without the Dryrobe ever feeling wet or cold. Dryrobes come is a range of colours including Black, Red & Navy. Get dry, cover up & stay warm with Dryrobe


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