Planet by Shopify

Our website host and domain provider Shopify have recently set up a new app integration for our website that allows us to offset every order that is placed at By partnering with Shopify on Planet, you can be assured that you are receiving carbon-neutral shipping on 100% of your orders, as well as supporting some of the most promising climate projects on Earth. Planet automatically calculates the estimated shipping emissions for each of your orders and then we pay a percentage of each order to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Recycled Printer Paper

All of your orders packing slips are printed on post-consumer printer paper to ensure we are having the least environmental impact possible during our picking and packing process. 

On-Site Recycling

Our on site recycling consists of paper/cardboard, plastics and non-biodegradable items. The items are sorted by type on site and then recycled in partnership with Solihull Councils recycling procedures. 

Vintage Skate Wear

We're now working in collaboration  Re-Run Streetwear to bring you a sick collection of pre-loved skate, street and surf wear.


Premium skate goods from the finest international brands