Footprint Gamechanger Insoles | Alex Halford x Lovenskate

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Alex now has his very own Footprint insole manufactured to the highest quality to ensure perfect alignment, support and impact absorption to minimise injury.

Recommended for people with low/fallen arches/flat feet with pre existing joint pains or people with mid arches who want serious protection and added balance. This is the ultimate joint support. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


A very firm custom arch, which is necessary to fully support the arch which then keeps the knees fully aligned. It also prevents pain from primo.

They are covered from heel to toe with Artificial Cartilage foam which absorbs up to 90% of impact energy.

The world’s most advanced orthotic is also surprisingly simple to mould. A special urethane foam formulation re-cures with heat. Simply warming the insole will cause the inner arch to react and rise, then it can be easily moulded to the foot.

As it cools down it will take the specific shape of the arch and become firm in your specific arch shape, giving you real custom orthotic support.

Full instructions are detailed on the packaging. Full durability with toe stitching and forefoot pad fabric protection