Footprint Kingfoam Orthotic Elite High Insoles | Classic

£29.95 GBP

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Product Description

Footprint Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Classic insoles are a high-profile insole, with a cupped heel wrap, providing added stabilisation and comfort. 


10mm heel – 5mm toe thickness

Dual internal core with custom arch support, able to mould to the most accurate fit

Nano Technology Energy Absorption, flexible when moving underfoot, but momentarily freezes under impact before transferring the energy keeping your protected

FluidX Protection formula increases the shock absorption to 90% and is the same formula used by NASA

Body heat-activated, moulding begins once the insole warms up to your feet
Trim down to fit your shoe size


Medium = UK 4 - UK 9.5 (cut to size)

Large = UK 8 – UK 13 (cut to size)

Fitting: It can take up to 5 days to break in the arch if you have flat feet. Although it can feel awkward at first if you have never had orthotics, once they fully break-in, you’ll never want to go back to flat insoles