goDry Wetsuit Hanger | Surfing & Watersports Stick Up GO DRY Hanger For Wetsuits

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Product Description

The goDry Hanger is a convenient and simple way of drying your wetsuit before your next session, allowing fast and clean drying. With your goDry Hanger the suit is suspended in the air, without contact with walls or the body of your vehicle, allowing perfect drying. Protect your suit from the sun by hanging it in the shade. The goDry Hanger can be put anywhere you have a clean, firm surface. It is easily transportable and occupies little space. 


Specially designed for cars, vans and RV´s

goDry Hanger is designed to protect your car from the seawater dripping off your wetsuit

Set up your goDry Hanger in the shower for indoor drying with no more puddles at home

Get your wetsuit dry and ready for the early mornings

Optimal hanging to avoid stretching or folding marks. Designed to let the air flow through the wetsuit for a perfect dry

Your wetsuit is preserved from getting damaged by dirt or rust

It won't touch walls or the body of your car

Protect it from the sunlight by placing your goDry Hanger on the shade

Easy to use and store, super light for carriage

For outdoor and indoor use