Northcore Hawaiian Hula Dashboard Doll

£11.95 GBP

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Product Description

The Northcore Hawaiian Hula girl figure is a high quality 6.5'' dashboard doll. She dances and hulas as your vehicle’s motion transfers to a hidden spring under her skirt. The figure has been hand sculpted then crafted into a polyresin mould and hand painted for a great finish. She wears a natural hula skirt, has a beautiful Hawaiian lei around her neck and holds a Ukulele. Place her on your car dashboard and watch her hula.


Dancing Hawaiian hula girl for car and vehicle dashboard

Figure is molded 6.5' polyresin , hand painted and includes the adhesive mount on the base

The design includes authentic style Natural grass skirt, moulded Hawaiian Lei and Ukulele

Dances with the motion of your car.