Straye Logan Canvas Skate Shoe | Black & Crimson

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What happens when a Straye Hiland and Stanley smash? A Logan is born! A silhouette that didn't exist, this new combo is great for the athletic type, mini ramp champ and miniature golfing pro. Honestly this shoe makes us horny! Straye don’t charge you an extra £20 for their super soft pink AcidDrop® removable insoles!


Suede Toe, Eyestay, Tongue and Heel Area

Heavy Gauge Canvas Sides

Patented Flip-Up Hidden Message

U.S. Pat. No. D834,295

Higher Foxing for better Ollie wear

100% Grippy AF Rubber Outsole

AcidDrop® Removable Insoles

Most Comfortable Skate Shoes in the world

Will not kill your feet or your wallet